Welcome to Kinspiration® Art

Inspired by family and a love for creativity, Kinspiration® Art is the combined effort of three artists Kate, Leslie and Gordon Fisher, who just happen to be sisters and brother. Creativity and artistic ability are in our blood. Our mother Julie gave us her creative artistic genes, her exquisite fashion sense and the idea that anything is possible if you work hard to accomplish your goals.

     Kate’s work with fused glass not only brings together brilliant colors, shapes and textures for display pieces, but she also blends her glass to create functional art such as frames, clocks, mirrors and more.

      Designing many types of jewelry and accessory items, Leslie combines her classic yet contemporary style with art, threading a myriad of materials made from natural substances into necklaces, earrings, pendants, pins and a host of useful items for all.

      Much of the art and materials that go into our art is formed in nature. The collection of photography that Gordon has assembled over the years is just that, nature and wildlife photography, landscapes and seascapes, images of nature’s works of art that so many take for granted. 

         We hope that you will enjoy the samples of our work displayed on the following pages as much as we have enjoyed creating them!