Gordon Fisher IV

Gordon Fisher

A native of Pittsburgh, my family and I have remained in our home town in Southwestern Pennsylvania where my photography has gone through somewhat of a metamorphosis. Coursework at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh left me with a degree and a photojournalism portfolio which would blossom into an interest in portraiture and wedding photography. All the while, my real passion for capturing life in nature was growing within. Throughout the past decade I have assembled a portfolio which encompasses all of my past photographic efforts, only now the emphasis is on the natural world; portraits and “wedding” shots, not of people, but of birds, insects, animals and the like, often incorporating a hint of photo journalistic style.

     A career Paramedic in a suburb of the city, I escape the realities of everyday life through my photography of a very different world, where saving an image of life, is my only concern. My body of work has mostly centered on that which abounds locally, however, I have captured images which have inspired me from places beyond our borders.

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