Katherine Fisher

I have always loved arts and crafts and beginning in kindergarten, right through my adult life, I have been fascinated by the different ways humans can manifest divine creative inspiration.  I personally have knitted, crocheted, painted, sculpted, decoupaged and collaged; played the piano and guitar and written poetry, always looking for that fulfillment that comes with creating something beautiful. 

Strangely enough, I have been collecting glass for years, never realizing the depth of my fascination with its endless possibilities.

On a trip to Seattle several years ago, with much time on my hands, I stopped in to the Seattle Glass Center.  There I saw artists working with molten glass and was completely captivated.  Sister Leslie gave me a gift certificate to the Pittsburgh Glass Center for a birthday gift, and I took my first hot glass class making martini glasses.  It was love at first gather.  On to glass flowers, where I realized, sadly, that the immediacy of the molten glass at first so glorious, was a bit overwhelming.  One of the instructors suggested I try fused glass.  In June 2008, I did a dedicated study with an artist for three days and became immediately addicted.  I have been cutting and fusing glass in my spare time ever since.  Never one to enjoy math or science, I suddenly find myself immersed in chemistry and physics on a daily basis and wishing all the time I had paid much more attention in school.  An administrator by profession, fusing glass has given me the perfect outlet for my creative drive, and I believe that I have finally, after a lifelong search, found THE art form that suits me best.

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